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Advertising on Animal Publications Websites

Advertisers can apply for advertising either on individual websites within the Animal Publications website portfolio or across and number of websites within the Online Banner Advertising network.

The UK Wildlife Parks website for example offers advertising opportunities for Wildlife Parks, Safari Parks and Zoos around the UK.

Contact support by submitting a support ticket on our online helpdesk for more information about advertising on or other webites we publish.

We are also adding knowledge base articles about advertising with us to help answer some advertising FAQs. We recommend you take a look at the support helpdesk knowledge base as that may answer some of your questions.

Types of Advertising on Animal Publications Websites

Flexible and tailor made advertising is available on various websites across our portfolio.

Advertising including the following online advertising mediums:

Banner adverts

Banner ads can be images, text or a mixture. Eye catching animated ads canOnline Banner Adverts invite the viewer to click the ad to be taken to the offer, product or service for more information.

Keyword targeted advertising.

Our most common Banner advert sizes (in pixels) are:

We can also offer other standard banner sizes including:

...or indeed any standard or potentially a tailor made size.

Our online banner adverts site distributes banner adverts, video ads, text ads and other media adverts across our portfolio and network of websites.

One great advantage of this structure is that lets say you wanted to run an ad campaign for a week at certain times of the day or certain days of the week. We can host your ad and distribute it across agreed websites in our portfolio.

Great exposure for your ad campaign and key word targeted meaning the visitors to the pages your advertising on are looking for the things your advertising.

Animal Publications .... Online keyword targeted banner advert advertising specialists in the animal sector !


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